MYSQL could not access registry

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    All's been fine until this morning when I get an MSQL error. 0_1566557114753_upload-96453973-7fc8-4209-adf6-5d6e77edffc3 .

    A forum post suggested renaming data folder which I did. But now nothing is accessible, all my sites say Error connecting to database. Except a new one I created after the data folder reset which just says server not found. Database only contains the one site's database which is empty.

    OK some progress. Returning to the original data folder now seem to enable access to my existing sites with no mysql error BUT I cannot create a new site - it creates the folder structure but only an empty database and gives a server not found error.


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    OK I realised I had installed a new virus checker and have not enabled Hosts editing. I have disabled the virus checker completely but cannot create a new site and access it at all. Having rebooted everything - I create a new wordpress site but "Server not FOund" when I visit it. Hosts is not being changed at all and adding the site manually to Hosts goes straight to localhost instead of site name. I've had months of flawless use of Laragon but I seem to have broken something.

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    @patbell101 autovirtualhosts had become unchecked. All good now

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    @patbell101 : The AV must have done something.

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