Laragon- A must have tool for every WordPress Developer

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    I have used many local development tools for developing my WordPress websites. But found that all these tools were very resource intensive and were making my computer running slow many times. Then about couple of months back, I found Laragon. Though, initially I was a bit hesitant to install and test it (since Largaon is not very much talked about on internet particularly on Youtube). But upon testing, I found that it has all the features which I was looking for since long. I am really impressed by Laragon and impressed to the extent that I have shared Laragon on all the 13 Facebook groups of which I am a member. This sharing on Facebook is my little expression of gratitude to the developer of this wonderful software, so that more and more people become aware about it and further share it. Laragon has really made my WordPress development easy.
    A big thank you.

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    Thanks for reminding me again through Facebook post and I am convinced now.
    I had also read about Laragon an year back in my never-ending research for local WordPress Development stack but had ignored it and tried everything else. Now I have come back to realize what a hidden gem it is.

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    Indeed Laragon is an amazing piece of software. It's fast, light and easy to use. I love it, thanks again Leo!

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    I was seriously in trouble finding a proper fast development platform, for generically the usual *AMP stack. This time the difference was, I was doing it on Windows 10. Many other things simply were having cracks in fabric, .dll files missing, that I wasn't too keen on starting to investigate and amend.
    Then I found Laragon. It Simply Worked! I love this. The UI and graphics look and feel are also really to my liking! Thanks!

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