Help! Service Apache can not start

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    Try to locate the lines of misconfiguration like this:

    • stop the Laragon completely
    • make a copy of your current adminer.conf file (which was mentioned in screenshot)
    • then you can edit this same file with text editor, and:

    add '#' characters to comment out (inactivate) whole blocks of lines.

    By commenting out the whole conf file, this would be a clean slate - error free situation.
    Then start uncomment blocks or single configuration lines, and try rerunning Laragon. If you suddenly start getting error, you know that you have hit the correct spot of the conf file which has the error.

    "AH00526" error code basically really says that the config file has a typo, or perhaps uses wrong kind of file folder separators (Note: use '/' even on Windows! so don't use the backslash \ as is usual in Windows).

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