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    Hello Group. Thanks in advanced for your help.

    I don't know how people says make VirtualHosts is easy? For me, is a torture.

    I'm using Laragon, and I've create a joomla site, shop, for instances. The root folder are in C:\Laragon\www\shop. Laragon does his magic, it's creates the virtual host. But, I need to modified it. I need to reach my site like this: not https://localhost/shop.test as now it's are.

    Thanks again

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    The Laragon's VirtualHosts concept helps manage several instances, in local development.
    Without virtual hosts, the local web service would be appearing under a slightly less friendly: http:// followed by your machine IP number, followed by a '/hostname/something'

    However, virtual hosts doesn't solve the need for actual hosting, when you want to publicize the site.

    Quick solution

    You have basically 2 options

    1. Do it yourself - might be hard work and a bit risky

    Running your web shop (Joomla + related components) publicly, by getting
    a IP address and buying one domain name, and getting SSL certificate
    to secure the shop. When putting up real web shop, SSL is a must - otherwise
    customers would be getting a lot of alerts from the web browser, telling
    that the site might be unreliable.

    buy a "domain name" (from registrars or Internet Service Providers), and buy a IP address.
    After that, have the Laragon server run behind a public IP address;
    point (set up) the domain to your server's IP address.
    Make sure you also secure the server: remove all unnecessary software, and read a good tutorial on making secure servers. Run a external scanner to find "holes" - such as
    nmap, or any good one-time service that will scan and report vulnerabilities on your
    server, before it is actually going public.

    Otherwise it will most likely be hacked quickly.

    Consult a hosting expert and ask to transfer your existing
    database, and PHP-related setup (Joomla) to reside (be hosted) under a
    hosting service. This is usually the easier and cost-efficient solution
    in the long run, since there is a dedicated web hotel admin who takes
    care of the technical expertise related to making a secure server. However!
    Quality is varied. There are probably tens or hundreds different web hosting
    providers in Argentine, and also globally there are tens of thousands,
    so check out a reliable one: do some research what people like.

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    Re: Help with VirtualHosts
    Hello. Thanks in advanced for your support. Dear Sir, I don't want to buy a domain name. My website is implemented on a LAN, and put in Laragon-wamp software and my domain computers access the site using this URL: https://mynameorIP/my site. I want users to access it by placing without being online. Only for aesthetics. My users don't have internet, I just want the site, instead of being accessed like this. That Laragon is able to do that.Just I need a manual:
    1- Modified host file
    2- Remove aiuto prefixes on Laragon vhost
    3- change laragon host to......

    Some like that.
    Thanks a lot.

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    @Thunder.Cuba that's not possible unless you configure the domain on the different user's computers (modifying the file that is in this path C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts), if you have a few users and privileges to configure that, no problem but if you have x number of users this approach will not fit your needs.

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