Building Laravel Admin template site using Laragon

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    I read the topic on how to work with Laravel projects on Github. I have a Laravel Admin template that's not on Github, but I figured that the rest of those instructions were relevant as long as I put the codebase into my root laragon directory. The problem I have is that when I try to bring up {name}.test (i.e. 'laborstaffer.test'), it simply lists the contents of the folder. It's like it's not recognizing it as a website.
    Here's what's in my "auto.laborstaffer.test.conf" file ..
    define ROOT "C:/laragon/www/laborstaffer/public/"
    define SITE "laborstaffer.test"
    ... and then the rest of the stuff is exactly like a site I
    generated that DOES work.

    I use the Laravel generator. My other test site (laradmin.test) comes up in the browser exactly as it should. But when I type in laborstaffer.test in the browser (while Laragon is running, obviously) it just lists the directory contents.

    Any help would be appreciated, as this is otherwise a wonderful product!

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    For Laravel admin panel you can either use pre-made admin panel like Laraadmin or Lavalite. Or you can create it on your own. If you are just starting out with Laravel, then I would just you to use some admin panel like the one i have mentioned instead of creating on your own.

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