Laragon for production server.

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    Hi leokhoa thanks for this beautiful local development environment software.
    I am using it from early release of this software.

    I am wondering if you can make same for production vps server.
    I is tedious to make production vps working with lots of commands and configurations, if you can make it automatic it will be easy to manage and monitor production servers.

    For this feature i am ready to pay for software even others will also pay if you make it.

    There is another software for production server management is claver it is good software but has very less amount of features and not actively developed. As i know you are very active in community you can make it much better. I hope you can take it to higher level.


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    @john5db : Actually, making a production system (Linux) is easier for me than making Laragon (Windows) as I am a Senior DevOps who manages very complex microservices systems. However, I created Laragon to help Windows developers.
    Now I works full-time so it is a pity that I have no time to make another product. I will consider this when having time.
    You know, Laragon brings me no money but I am happy seeing it's growing and having such loyal users like you.

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    Re: Laragon for production server.

    So sad that you don't have spare time now :confounded: . But as you are Senior DevOps i hope you can make new product easily, I hope it will happen soon. I will wait for new product, even basic versions will also helpful.

    As DevOps can you guide beginners to handle / monitor vps servers?

    Though thank you for great work.

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    @john5db Hi! I'm one of the makers for Cleaver. Thanks for mentioning us, we actually get a good amount of traffic from this post. 😃 I just wanted to say, we are currently actively working on launching the cloud version of Cleaver ( and are in beta mode. Would love to know what you think and how we can improve!

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