[Tutorial] How to add another PHP version (PHP 7.4 - PHP 8.0) - Updated

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    @Vicc Same problem here, any solution for this one?

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    @Vicc please check on your environment variable setting

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    @TheFrenchCoder Nice! I think this video exactly how to add another version of PHP, version php 7.4 :)

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    If you have a php version in laragon and another version appears in cmd -> php -v, you must reinstall composer and choose the php version for installation

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    Delete old version of PHP folder,
    After updating COMPOSER 2.0, looking at the environment variables, nothing worked.
    Just delete the folder

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    All versions of PHP is available here: https://windows.php.net/downloads/releases/archives/

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    Wow, I just spent like two hours trying to upgrade to PHP 8. First Apache wouldn't start at all and gave a pop-up error whose text was cut off, then read somewhere that apparently I had to upgrade Apache as well, which I did, but then I had to manually change a bunch of lines in a bunch of config files, then completely regenerate the SSL certs, I don't even remember all the steps. Is Laragon still in active development? 'Cause making upgrades like this easier (and hopefully actually work the first time) would be a GREAT addition to the feature request list...

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    @shoelaced : You know PHP 8 has just released. It is a major release so there are some break changes. The good thing is you can upgrade to PHP 8.0 yourself without a newer version of Laragon. You can even use a Laragon version released 2 years ago with PHP 8. New version of Laragon will be released soon but think about the positive sides of it.

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    @leokhoa No worries, I'm not unhappy with Laragon - it's great, way better than Xampp and much less of a pain than Local by Flywheel for WP development. It just seems like every time I want to add a new version of something it never works the first time and I have to go Googling and digging through docs until I find a workaround, or post about it if I'm the first and hope someone has a solution. It'd be awesome to be able to just select a version of something like PHP or Apache and have Laragon auto-install/extract it, and maybe alert about dependencies that need to be updated, but even if that's not possible, updating the instructions here would be helpful as issues are discovered, so we could know to do things like change the php_module value and update the SSL certificates without having to trek through the forums for hours on end. But anyway I've got it working, and still love Laragon!

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    i have an error like this sir
    any solution for this error

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    its already solved thanks

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    @juarisco Perfect video! :clap_tone1: :sunglasses: I wasn't sure if I was supposed to download the Thread Safe or the Non Thread Safe. I am aware the Non Thread Safe is for IIS FastCGI, but wasn't sure about which to use in Laragon.

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    For those of you that read until here. You may modified your

    Change the php8_module to php_module, then problem solved but this is just temporary solution.
    In future, once Laragon updated to the latest version, this problem would be solved.

    LoadModule php8_module "D:/laragon/bin/php/php-8.0.0-Win32-vs16-x64/php8apache2_4.dll"

    LoadModule php_module "D:/laragon/bin/php/php-8.0.0-Win32-vs16-x64/php8apache2_4.dll"

    Hope it help :)

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    @leokhoa we need an official update fixing this. Modifying mod_php.conf every time when we jump between from PHP 8 and 7 and vice versa is kind of a headache. Also extensions are not being enabled from Extensions side menu of PHP 8 (or is this the issue only for me?).

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    @shmshd : I got it - will release a fix soon.

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    @shmshd Yup, at this moment, we need to modify the mod_php.conf and enabled all the extensions manually. Just calm down, leo is working hard on updating this. Give him a little bit more time. Maybe we could discuss with @leokhoa and see what can we do over side to help him up instead of just requesting :). @leokoo , any suggestion?

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    @lawweiliang I'm aware of modification to do to the mod_php.conf file and also manual editing of php.ini for extensions. I asked for an official update because Laragon repo is inactive since June 2020.

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    @shmshd Hmm, agree. 6 months without update really a good concern but I got no clue whether @leokhoa there all have promising anything on updating timeline. For framework like like Laravel and Wordpress, they did.

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    @shmshd , @lawweiliang : I was so busy with my job. The job is feeding me and my family so I can not make any promises on free project like Laragon.
    However, please be rest assured that I am taking my holidays adding some new features that make Laragon users super happy.

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    @leokhoa if you need help you can guide us on how to help you upgrading the latest laragon. using git probably the best solution for the community to help you.

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