[solved] At startup, only launch a subset of services

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    Hello all,

    I apologise if it has been answered already but I couldn't find an answer using the search function or in the doc.

    I have several services installed, some of them only used once in a month, give or take, and don't wan't/need to launch them at startup.

    My question is: if I have Mariadb + Mongo and Apache+Nginx, how can I ask Laragon to only launch automatically MariaDB and Apache ? "Start all" seems to launch all the services found in /bin.
    I could launch them one by one, but I have a bunch of them, I only cite two examples for clarity.

    Thank you !

    [EDIT] I forgot to mention that I'm using the portable version, and that my choice of which services are selectively started/stopped are not remembered the next launch.

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    @Patapoof : You can toggle services in Preferences > Services and Ports.

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    Thank you very much! It sounds obvious now that I know it :)
    And thanks a lot for all this hard work, Laragon is the modern alternative to Wamp that I was looking for.

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    @Patapoof : You're welcome :) Cheers!

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