my ssl not updated after replacing the default files

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    after installation i just copy and paste my three ssl files to C:\laragon\etc\ssl.
    I start laragon and after enabling ssl i have done the next things:
    -i restarted the pc
    -i add laragon.crt to Trust Store. with and without stopping Apache
    -reboot the pc

    normally with every other wrbserver this would be enough tomake it work because i have a wildcard for letsencrypt so implementing is all that i need to do. i saw in the document where to put the files. but all this is not working. and i tried for 3 days straight without success so far. my domain name is not changed it always shows laragon. what version is the best to make it work? i would like to have the command line utils with the package.

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    Contact the support, Definitely they will solve this issue, Because i had the same issue before. Also you may refer cc generator guide. It's useful too.

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    i realized it automatically replaces my files after restart of the program or reboot of my pc. so i replace them and reload apache. untill then this is all i can do for now. if i try to use it for public use the default ssl is not working but locally it does. with my own files the reverse happens. locally they it doesn´t work but publicly it does. if there is a way to stop the automatic update it would be great or another way to configure so it automatically detects my version to be the correct one. other than this i really like this program a lot.

    But thanks for your reply. where can i do that? contacting the support team? i thought this was it.

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