Test website doesn't show incoming data (ports, firewall, programs)

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    Hello, I made a test website for a project, using Laravel, which receives data from an arduino board and stores it. I developed this page on a laptop of a friend programmer and it was running well, however, in mine I managed to migrate the site but the values ‚Äčthat did show on the other computer did not arrive.
    My question is: do I need any special configuration or permission to receive data through Laragon? Something like a firewall or something like that? Enable some port or check if it is busy?
    I must mention that I do not see any type of error message I appreciate any recommendation or suggestion, I'm really new to this programming and I don't know what to do. Thank you

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    @joaquinmoreno123 First check your query and then if it oke!
    Reset you laragon and check it

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