MariaDB 10.4 Series with Laragon 4.0.16

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    Is laragon not compatible yet with MariaDB 10.4 series?
    Because I try to change root password using taskbar menu
    Laragon > MariaDB > Change Root Password
    with Laragon run as administrator
    but it show me an error
    ERROR 1348 (HY000) at line 1: Column 'plugin' is not updateable
    I did try using MariaDB 10.3 series and it works just fine.


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    Laragon can work with MariaDB, but it will not fully support MariaDB.

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    Hi, did you get this working?

    I've upgraded to MariaDB 10.4 as I was having quite a lot of data corruption issues in my DBs and I thought this might fix it. I'm getting exactly the same issues as you.

    It seems that I cannot set the root password for MariaDB which means WP sites can't connect to the DB nor can I access phpMyAdmin. Laragon is showing MariaDB running fine, it's just working out how to change the PW.

    Did you solve it?

    Is there an alternative or recommended route to using an alternative DB inside Laragon?

    Thanks, John..

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    Hi @John-King, for now i just did'nt change the default password (which is a blank password). It's working fine in default blank password without any data corruption so far.

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    Thanks @borhanuddin. Is there anything you did to set the password as blank? If I use my old user/pass in phpMyAdmin then I get an access denied error.

    Edit to add: My old user/pass was myname/blank. If I revert back to 10.3 my credentials still work but when I select 10.4 they do not work anymore. Is there some CLI command I should be running?

    Edit 2: If I type mysql into shell I get:
    MariaDB 10.4: Error 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'myname'@'localhost'
    MariaDB 10.3: Welcome to MariaDB

    So I suppose I just need to know how get MariaDB 10.4 to use the same credentials I set up for 10.3.


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    By default, it will give blank password.
    If you want to reset the MariaDB 10.4 to it's initial state (default):
    Pls note that this steps will delete all your data in MariaDB 10.4

    1. Stop all service
    2. Delete Mariadb-10.4 data folder:
    1. start service. Laragon will start to initiate and create new environment for that DB.

    MariaDB v10.3 is different from v10.4. If you look at folder in C:\laragon\data you will notice that it will have it's own folder, thus you will have entirely new DB when you switch from 10.3 to 10.4 or vice versa.

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    @borhanuddin I followed your instructions but I'm getting the same issue. I'm unable to logon to mysql when I change MariaDB version:

    λ mysql ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'myname'@'localhost' (using password: NO)

    Reverting back solves this. Do I need to set up a new user/pass somehow?

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    @John-King have you try the default:
    Username: root
    Password: [blank]

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    Ok, I have this working now.

    I'm not 100% sure what I did but I noticed that C:\laragon\bin\mysql\mariadb-10.4.11-winx64\my.ini did not contain the skip-grant-tables line. I added that to my.ini and it just started working. Does that sound like it could have that effect?



    If not, I'm not sure how it fixed itself. Thanks so much for your input which did help.


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