Force www link in Laragon to go to WordPress wp-login.php

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    Currently, when clicking a project under the "www" menu list, Laragon takes us to the projects' main home page for the CMS (WordPress) install.

    http://localhost/(WordPress Project Name)/

    I am trying to find how I can change it, to make the "www" menu link go directly to the WordPress "wp-login.php" page instead.

    http://localhost/(WordPress Project Name)/wp-login.php

    Is this possible?


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    It was 16 days ago I posted this request/question and there has been over 80 views of my question and no one has provided any input.

    Have I asked a question that is beyond the abilities of people in this forum?

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    I am also having the same question, Please answer us..

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    Thanks for the reply, but that is not what I am asking for use in a LocalHost enviroment using Laragon.

    The link you provided only redirects a person to the home (main) page of the Wordpress install if they try to access "wp-login.php".

    This is not what I had asked, so let me try to ask it a different way,

    Question (rephrased)
    The "www" link provided by the Laragon client goes directly to the project home page,
    I want to make the "www" (Laragon > Menu > www > WordPress project) link go to the WordPress login page.

    I don't want WordPress to redirect access away from any page, I want change Laragon's "www" project link.

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