Quick share (ngrok) shows document root

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    when I try to share projects via ngrok it shows me the document root (C:/laragon/www instead of C:/laragon/www/tabulator)

    This is the ngrok screen:

    Edit: Just realized that the problem is the "www" prefix in my laragon settings. I'm using this prefix for all my projects because I always redirect websites via 301 to the WWW version of them. Unfortunately that breaks the ngrok feature.

    Any help would be much appreciated, thx :)

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    I don't know very well. As fair as I know, ngrok use port to share your project. But Laragon can access Laravel Public by default. Hope that's why you get this problem. You can serve Laravel project any other port like 8888, 8000 etc. And share via this port by "ngrok http 8888".

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    Thx, but why should the port be the problem if it works properly without the WWW prefix - {name}.test - and it does not when I use www.{name}.test ?

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