How I can Install specific Laravel version ??

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    I want to install old version laravel in my machine!
    What to do now???

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    composer create-project laravel/laravel=6.0 blog --prefer-dist

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    Where I put this command??

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    go to terminal and special folder where do you want to intall laravel then run this command

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    If I could this!
    then the prety URL could work and my composer autoLoad work properly??

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    This post is the top one in Google search. I just want to share how I do it:

    1. Open Laragon > Right click > Quick app > Configuration...
    2. Under # Laravel the default one is Laravel=composer create-project laravel/laravel %s --prefer-dist
    3. Note that %s in the command line will be replaced dynamically with the name of the app Laragon will prompt you later.
    4. Add a new line to specify another version, in my case Laravel 6, therefore I name the variable as Laravel 6. My line looks like this:
      Laravel 6=composer create-project laravel/laravel %s "6.*" --prefer-dist
    5. Save and go to Laragon and under Right click > Quick app > You can see Laravel 6 option in the Laravel group.

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    @wanahmadfiras Thank for the step by step answer, works perfectly!

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