Need help configuring laragon for Wordpress

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    Hi. i just realized surfing the internet about this great software. it is very cool. but im getting disapointed configuring it. Need help configuring laragon for the first time im using it.
    i did a full laragon installation on my laptop pc win 10. the installation is ok. by watching som videos on youtube i did active ssl .
    then i installed wordpress but while doing basic setup for wordpress and checking the site heaalth i got 2 critical issues and 3 Recommended improvements. check images.
    0_1572884955076_2.jpg 0_1572884963179_3.jpg

    i tryed to look in the forum to resolve those issues but with no results. i cannot update or downlod plugins from wordpress.
    please any one could guide me step by step tutorial to resolve the ssl certificate and instal imagic module inphp extension. i dont know wich version should i download.

    thank u in advance and appreciate.

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    @khbibo35 :

    1. I'm afraid some of your plugins don't support SSL so please disable SSL and try again.
    2. Here is my instruction on installing Imagick:

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    You don't need SSL (HTTPS) on a LocalHost environment (means your private desktop on your laptop).
    SSL is for secure access connections when using it on the public Internet.

    So I am assuming you installed Laragon for your own personal use on your laptop and your not allowing the public to access it.

    Uninstall SSL and stay with the standard HTTP protocol when working on a personal, private environment like LocalHost.

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