Cannot get Grav to install

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    Hi there,

    Laragon seems to be a pretty cool tool.

    Though i installed it easily,
    i cannot manage to get Grav (the best flat file CMS) to be installed flawlessly.
    Following (using either composer or git) I get an endless stack of error ("Class not found" .... "Unkown character ' '" etc...). I have installed Grav on several dev platforms (XAMPP, WAMP, easyphp ) or prod (Centos, Debian) without facing any single issue.

    Has anybody got it working ?
    Any lead / help appreciated.


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    @gamahachaa : Don't use composer instruction on that link because it doesn't help.
    Just download the .zip package and extract to your document root.

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    @leokhoa thanks for the swift reply.
    the exact same errors pop installing the zip package

    Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Return value of Symfony\Component\Yaml\Parser::cleanup() must be of the type string, null returned in C:\laragon\www\vendor\symfony\yaml\Parser.php:951 Stack trace: #0 C:\laragon\www\vendor\symfony\yaml\Parser.php(125): Symfony\Component\Yaml\Parser->cleanup(NULL) #1 C:\laragon\www\vendor\symfony\yaml\Parser.php(464): Symfony\Component\Yaml\Parser->doParse('\xFF\n name: 'Defa...', 0) #2 C:\laragon\www\vendor\symfony\yaml\Parser.php(323): Symfony\Component\Yaml\Parser->parseBlock(7, '\xFF\n name: 'Defa...', 0) #3 C:\laragon\www\vendor\symfony\yaml\Parser.php(96): Symfony\Component\Yaml\Parser->doParse(Array, 0) #4 C:\laragon\www\vendor\symfony\yaml\Yaml.php(79): Symfony\Component\Yaml\Parser->parse('purge:\n trig...', 0) #5 C:\laragon\www\vendor\rockettheme\toolbox\File\src\YamlFile.php(131): Symfony\Component\Yaml\Yaml::parse('purge:\n trig...') #6 C:\laragon\www\system\src\Grav\Common\File\CompiledFile in C:\laragon\www\vendor\symfony\yaml\Parser.php on line 951

    Checking both symfony and grav requirements seems that all should be with php 7+

    All are in the enabled according to laragon's info.

    Any idea ?

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    Any insight ?

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