[Tutorial] How to work with Laravel projects on github

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    Laragon bundles composer, nodejs, npm, git & git flow so there should be no problem if you want to work with projects on github.
    In this tutorial, I'll show you how to work with Laravel 5 Boilerplate Project: https://github.com/rappasoft/laravel-5-boilerplate

    1. Open Terminal (Menu > Laragon > Terminal or press CTRL + ALT + T)
    2. Clone the repo to Document Root and cd to it:
    git clone https://github.com/rappasoft/laravel-5-boilerplate
    cd laravel-5-boilerplate
    1. Run composer & npm to install all dependencies:
    composer install
    npm install 
    1. Create database for the project: Menu > MySQL > Create database
      for example: laraboiler
    2. Create your .env from .env.example
    cp .env.example .env
    1. Update your .env (change database connection properly)
    1. Generate application key
    php artisan key:generate
    1. Init data to database
    php artisan migrate
    php artisan db:seed
    1. Install gulp globally (Optional)
    npm install -g gulp
    1. Run gulp watch
    gulp watch

    That's all forks!
    Now, Reload Apache & you can browser the project at: http://laravel-5-boilerplate.dev

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