How to add php pspell extension

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    I have problem with installation of pspell extension. As it's known to properly use pspell at windows you have to install Aspell.

    I followed below instructions:
    I tried to adapt this manual to laragon but unsuccessful.

    I have installed Aspell at my windows 10.
    Then i downloaded php_pspell.dll from other service (since i have php version with pspell not included): php_pspell.dll
    I have copied above php_pspell.dll into "ext" directory of my current php version.

    And now I stucked. I have to add somewhere the aspell-15.dll from bin folder of Aspell instalation but I don't know where to put it. As server I'm using nginx.

    @leokhoa maybe You know the answer?

    All help will be apreciated.

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