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    Hello. I'll realle appreciate all helps.

    Recently, I update Mozilla Firefox to its latest version, 70.0.1. After that all my sites when trying to access them appear this error on Mozilla SEC_ERROR_INADEQUATE_KEY_USAGE. I think it was due to the update but if it were something else, I really need to know it.
    Thanks a lot

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    I have this same problem when I change the document root. Only thing I can do is restart Firefox. Does anyone have any advice for us?

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    Maybe it's only my advice, I use ESET Internet Security, it can verify localhost self-signed certificate from Laragon. Maybe you can try using ESET IS.

    Here is the error about:

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    Sorry to let this lapse so badly, but I only now got back to dealing with this. I don’t see how ESET could help, it’s not that the certificate can’t be verified. If I restart Firefox it has no problem. The problem is only when I change document root while Laragon is running. I looked at the solutions in the link, but I don’t know how to change the Distinguished Name of the CA, and laragon.crt was already in the Firefox store. I’d appreciate any other ideas on this.

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