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    I think I successfully update my cmder inside laragon from version 1.3.2 to by doing below steps:

    • Download latest cmder_mini portable version from https://cmder.net/
    • Do not delete the original cmder inside laragon
    • extract the latest cmder_mini inside C:\laragon\bin, by giving it a new folder name; eg. cmder_mini so that you have 2 cmder apps installed
    • Open file C:\laragon\bin\cmder\vendor\init.bat (original) and copy code from line 168 - 215 (from :: Laragon Start until :: Laragon End)
    • Open file C:\laragon\bin\cmder_mini\vendor\init.bat (latest version) and paste that line after:

    323 | :: Set home path
    324 | if not defined HOME set "HOME=%USERPROFILE%"
    325 | %lib_console% debug_output init.bat "Env Var - HOME=%HOME%"

    [paste that code below here]


    The only problem that I can't seems to configure is how to change root directory when cmder start
    The old cmder that included in laragon start at
    but the new cmder root folder start at

    Can anyone help?

    Developer can advice if this steps is the right way to update cmder?


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    @borhanuddin : I haven't updated cmder quite a long time. However, in C:\laragon\bin\cmder\vendor\init.bat, you can add add command to jump to your document root:

    cd C:\laragon\www

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    @leokhoa Thanks. I just add the code you suggested before the closing of

    :: Laragon End -------------------------------------

    and it's working.
    I hope this help others who seek on how to update cmder to the latest version.

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    Thanks @borhanuddin
    I'm glad that Laragon having a pro like you!

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