php.ini erased

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    I'm new to Laragon.. hope I haven't mess with it :)

    I've installed Laragon full 4.0.16 (190914). I noticed that the php.ini that I place in this folder:

    sometimes disappears, sometimes it contains only the following lines:

    [mail function]

    Am I doing something wrong? I'm trying to modify it because I want to add the xdebug extension, but it keeps erasing it...


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    @theduck88 : Are you sure you put xdebug properly to php.ini?
    Btw, you can toggle xdebug in Menu > PHP > Quick Settings

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    Xdebug is just the last step I'd love to take.. the problem is before.
    Two minutes ago I followed this steps:

    • Copy the default php.ini-development in this root (and rename it to php.ini)
    • Start all on laragon (apache and mysql)
    • Reload button on Laragon -> the file php.ini does not exist anymore

    The same thing happens if I close Laragon or if I stop all the services.

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    i've tried. It works with this php version:


    Maybe it's a bug with 7.2.19.. I don't know :)

    Thank you so much!

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