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    Hello, i very like use this service,
    but i was looking to understand if was possible add some switch for autorun mysql - postgresql, like img
    alt text

    i know that i can use it from option, enable and disable it from service & port, but was more "friendly" if was in first page like image, from the switch if we have more sql can ON/OFF more easy.

    atm i use mysql and postgresql, and i use togheter ON(like img), if we can switch in this way that is more simple, i can very appreciate it :)

    then idk if is a bug or is normal, but if we put ON ssl, then click on padlock (green), it will disable SLL, but for active i need enable, is possible add a padlock(gray) and with a click enable it?

    thanks always for your work and sorry to my bad english :)

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