Multitenant store

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    Hi, I wanted to ask for your help to see if anyone knows an effective solution for the project I want to develop.
    I want to create a SaaS that works as if it were shopify (or "mitiendanube" or ""), that is, I want a system of shops with subscriptions that work through subdomains.
    In these systems, each client's website is a predefined template and what changes is the data that is shown in them, I look for something similar. Not so complex, just that it has a decent checkout and not much else.

    I tried using Grav CMS but I had some drawbacks as in the multidomain system, only the main administrator has access, besides the accounts are not replicated to the other subdomains.
    I thought about doing it with Wordpress and creating some kind of installer with my settings, but I can't find a way to make a subscription system work this way.
    I think the best alternative is to develop something in Laravel but I think it will be cumbersome and maybe someone knew a better alternative or a similar script. In Laravel I know "Bagisto" but it's SO expensive.
    If anyone knows of a script or a good solution I would appreciate it very much! Greetings and thanks

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