How to change WordPress version created by Quick App?

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    Hi, I have a quick question on how you can download the latest version of WordPress when creating a new WP instance using Laragon's Quick App function.

    When I create one it installs WP 4.9.13, but when I look at my C:\laragon\usr\sites.conf I have the line:


    Do you know any other places I can look to change this config and make sure the latest version gets downloaded instead?

    WP 4.9.13 was released just a few weeks ago so it appears that Laragon is downloading the latest WP version less than 5.0.



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    @John-King : Laragon caches download files to speed up creating next time. So, you need to clear the cache.

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    How do you clear the cache?

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    @Dustin IIRC I just deleted the WP installer file that was inside one of the Laragon directories.

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    Thanks. I also discovered you can set Cached=false in sites.conf

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