Any tips to speed up online store?

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    I want to speed up my online store, Currently my store take much time to load completely which is bad for organic growth.

    Enable Compression
    Enable Browser Caching
    Remove unnecessary animation and video
    Minify JavaScript and CSS Files
    Reduce image sizes
    Choose a good hosting provider
    I have already installed the caching plugin
    I have disabled Inactive Plugins

    Doing all these things still I am facing speed issues and I don't know whether I change my hosting provider or still I have to do some changes in my website to speed up. Before asking here I extensively searched it’s solution in the internet & mostly resources suggested me to change the hosting provider and recommend me few hosting providers, Siteground, A2hosting, Cloudways.

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    It's a common issue with the online stores to having Site Speed & a lot of people are looking for the ways to boost their online store's speed?, Because speeding up your Online store is so crucial to drive more sales & a great user experience for your customers. Here are few suggestions that will help you to improve your online store's speed which are as follows:

    1. Increase WordPress Memory Limit
    2. Optimize Your Site Images
    3. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
    4. Choose a Faster WordPress Hosting Provider

    These are the basics to speed up your online store, I hope these points will possibly speed up your online store.

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