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    First time Laragon user here and I hit this annoyance. When trying to start all services, Apache wouldn't start. I changed the port but to no avail. Then I noticed the address Laragon was trying to bind to and it was one of my Vmware interfaces. The moment I disabled every other interface, Laragon started normally
    I would like to request an option that allows to choose which interface Laragon binds to. I'd guess that a lot of us out there are using multiple interfaces and automatic selection is problematic.

    Thank you

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    @progs_00 : Many thanks for your information. You can change it in Apache configuration. I wonder how can Laragon detect to alert users that it is binding to wrong interface. Do you have any specific error message?

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    @leokhoa Thank you for replying. Forgot to mention that I had already tried to use Apache Listen directive which worked for Apache but I couldn't access localhost because Laragon was already binded to the wrong interface
    As far as your question goes I'd approach it from a different view. Since there are multiple interfaces to look out for (192.168.0.x , 192.168.1.x, 192.168.2.x (this is used by some Belkin routers by default), 192.168.10.x (cisco routers) 10.0.0.x), during installation I would ask the user to input his pc or router ip address. This way you would get the correct data for the interface. I'd also place a text message in the main window stating the IP address that Laragon is binded to but I would also add an option enumerating all current interfaces allowing the user to choose the one that's correct for his situation.
    Regarding the specific error message question, no I didn't get any error other than the usual port in use Apache gives. I noticed the problem because the address Laragon was binded to was written on the main title window. You understand that hadn't it been there, I'd still be looking to find why Apache is not connecting.

    Thank you for your great software and sorry for the length of my message

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    @progs_00 : Many thanks for your information - very detailed and explainable.
    I will find a way to fix the issue for newcomers.

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