MariaDB Version 10.4 User/Logon Issue

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    MariaDB version 10.4 no longer uses the mysql.user table. From their site: "In MariaDB 10.4 and later, the mysql.global_priv table has replaced the mysql.user table, and mysql.user is now a view."

    When I try to add a root password Laragon fails to properly start. This leaves Laragon incompatible with the new version of MariaDB.

    This should be addressed by the developer.

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    I took a screen shot of the console while trying to set the root password via Laragon. It clearly shows Laragon not being able to make the change. Trying to login after the error is not possible. I needed to re-install MariaDB 10.4.

    If the password is left blank (new install) then the database is accessible via HeidiSQL or PHPMyAdmin. If the root password is changed in PHPMyAdmin then the database can be accessed using the new password.

    So the issue seems to be with the internal Laragon password change code.


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    @landrew : Many thanks for your information. MariaDB can work with Laragon but not fully support (I did not test it thoroughly). However, I will find a way to sort it out.

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    There are informitive articlea on the topic:

    For Laragon users who may read this... Laragon works with MariaDB 10.4. It is just the Laragon menu option to 'Change root password' that will not work due to the way MariaDB uses the plugins (see articles above). With MariaDB version 10.4 the assumption is that 'root' does not need a password as the root user can copy the files and such. There are workarounds to put back the root user password functionality.

    The issue is that using MariaDB version 10.3 the mysql.user table would frequently become corrupted with Laragon. The workaround has been to set the root password in Laragon. With the new 10.4 version this is not possible. I will embrace the new rules and not have a root password. Hopefully, since there is no longer a mysql.user table, Laragon will not corrupt anything.

    The developer will look into this and decide if the new plugin is worth invesitgating, or to possibly just disable the 'Change root password' when using MariaDB 10.4.

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