WordPress Loads Slow With Laragon

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    Hello All,

    I am having the below config

    1. Apache 2.4.41 - with ports (80 & 443)
    2. Nginx 1.14.0 - with ports (81 & 444)
    3. MySQL - 5.7.19
    4. PHP - 7.3.5

    i have installed a fresh wordpress and i was facing some speed issue so i did into it and found that just the login page loads @ 1.5 - 3 sec i can't figure out why

    I checked the benchmarks @ https://laragon.org/docs/benchmark.html and its not even coming close.

    I tried disabling Antivirus (MCAFEE) but nothing works.

    I have a good system
    Core i7 7th gen
    32GB of ram (PHP has 4GB of RAM)

    Laragon installed in a NVME SSD and running in windows 10

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