Apache port auto switch when run multiply laragon version

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    Hi @leokhoa and everyone
    I'm using laragon in my development and thank you for greate tool.
    I'm using multiply laragon version to run parallel multiply php version. But I noticed port of apache in one laragon version auto switch to another version.

    Example Laragon 3.5 with apache port 80 and Laragon 4 with apache port 8080
    When I restart all service and got apache auto switch port.
    Could you have some suggestion for me about this ?


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    @tdchien : It may be a bug. However it is not likely to happen because you installed them into 2 different locations. Are you sure they are switched - Can you check the Apache configuration files?

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    Hi @leokhoa This is a screenshot

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    Hi @leokhoa
    Sorry, I just found this is my mistake when using the same config file for all Apache.
    Thank for your support

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