Fresh install can't open php.ini, my.ini, or access the (empty) database with heidisql. Everything is broke.

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    I just installed laragon 4.0.15 on windows in a new directory. All default settings.

    If I try to open right-click > php > php.ini, it opens notepad++ but does not open any file. Same if I try to open mysql > my.ini.

    I'm just trying to access the database so I ignored that for now. I generated a mysql password via mysql > reset and regenerate if open right-click > mysql > Heidisql and enter the password I generated, I get the error "performance_schema.session_status doesn't exist". Hmm

    I tried running mysql_upgrade in the console as suggested in another thread. It completed but did throw a couple warnings about unexpected number of results. But did not fix the problem. I eventually found I can add "show_compatibility_56=on" to my.ini which finally lets me open heidisql. Why do I need compatibility mode though?

    Why are there so many problems out of the box in version 4? My old version 3.1x worked flawlessly. I'm now doubting the stability of laragon.

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