Accessing Laragon from another PC on my network

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    I love using Laragon, but I'd prefer not to have it run on my primary development PC. I've installed it onto another PC on my network and would like to access the WordPress development websites I've put there via another computer. All computers are Windows 10.
    Can anyone provide me with instructions on how to connect?
    I've tried putting the IP address of the Laragon machine in my browser, plus the website name (e.g. but get "The requested URL /test1.test was not found on this server." I can most definitely ping the Laragon machine from the PC I'm trying to access it through.

    *** - I just figured out how to do it via ngrok! However, this means I'm essentially going out on the internet to ngrok and then back again! Is there not a more direct way to connect?

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    From your statement
    I guess you are running Laragon in Auto Virtual Host.
    When you want to connect your project from another PC on the same network, you have to directly point to your project root folder.
    Example: if your root directory where you put your project:


    you should access it:

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    Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, your direction didn't work.
    I am most definitely running Laragon in Auto Virtual Host. (I don't really know what that means but I can see that it's enabled with a checkmark in the Largon settings.) And I most definitely have placed the installation of Laragon and my test website as you've indicated. However, after entering (the true IP address of the Laragon machine) into my browser and waiting at least 20 seconds, this is the screen I see:
    Note that the resulting info on the screen shows that it, seemingly reached my test website (Generate Press is my WP theme and Starter is the name of the website), but didn't properly load. Also note that my browser changes the URL to just plain
    I'm thinking that I'm almost there - but not quite!

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    Hi Ian,

    I think you could access the Laragon sites on a LAN computer by adding entries into the hosts file on the primary PC. So if on the network PC the site was called "" and the IP address of the network PC was, then on the primary PC hosts file you would add an entry like:



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