Virtual host url can’t be reached

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    I use Windows 10 home.

    I created a blank app via Quick app menu and named it myapp.

    But the http://myapp.test is not accessible and it returns:

    This site can’t be reached
    myapp.test’s server IP address could not be found.

    The localhost url works well and it returns Laragon default startup page. But the virtual host urls is not.
    I have checked the drivers\etc\hosts and the virtual host is added to it:      myapp.test           #laragon magic!   

    I also tried with IE and Edge browsers but it returns the same error.

    The auto.myapp.test.conf is added to Apache>sites-enabled.

    I also entered the command ipconfig /flushdns in cmd but no changes.

    I always start laragon as admininstrator.

    I have no problem in Windows 7 with Laragon. But I have this issue in my Windows 10.

    I also tried to change Apache port (8000) but not success for virtual host urls.

    Also switched to Nginx (8080) but exactly the same problem.

    What's the problem?


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    @samyrooster : The root cause of the issue is related to DNS. Can you show me the result when you ping?

    ping myapp.test 


    nslookup  myapp.test

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    Didn't get response:

    Ping request could not find host myapp.test. Please check the name and try again.

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    @samyrooster : That's the point. For some reasons your hosts file doesn't work. I think it is related to permission (Read property of the file).
    You can follow this article to sort it out:

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    Thanks. The problem was because of some duplicated domains in hosts file.

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    @samyrooster : You're welcome - I am glad you sorted it out :)

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