Changing the password for 'root' removes administrative privileges to the database.

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    After a clean install Laragon 2.0.4 I tried to change the root password for the database.
    On the left side you can see 4 default database.
    0_1470089295000_Change password (1).png
    I successfully changed password.
    0_1470089692768_Change password (2).png
    But when I chose the "User accounts" message appears, that I have no rights to the database ("Not enough privilege to view users.").
    On the left side you can see only 2 database!
    0_1470089961287_Change password (3).png
    I checked this for versions from 2.0 to 2.0.4 - all works wrong.
    But after installing Laragon-Light version (with MariaDB+phpMyAdmin) after changing the password - everything is OK.
    0_1470092097841_Change password (4).png
    I think this is the incompatibility of structure table 'mysql.user' between MySQL and phpMyAdmin.

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    @Manam : Laragon allows using both MySQL 5.7 & MariaDB 10.1
    They are very different in mysql.user structure.
    To achieve this, Laragon has some special processes which phpMyAdmin doesn't. You should use the feature "Change root password" of Laragon (Menu > MySQL > Change root password)

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    I saw this option in Laragon, but I thought that in phpMyAdmin I can also change the root password.
    Laragon works great! Good job!

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