Beware of using .dev on localhost

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    Leo, please can you make this thread Sticky!

    Just ran into issues using the new(ish) TLD .dev owned by Google. Just wanted to create a Sticky thread which i hope will help others who may be considering using it in Laragon ... in short ... DON'T. Read my thread [here]( There's a link in it to n excellent explanation as to why .dev isn't a wise choice on localhost local development environments. In short; a new feature introduced into Google and recently Firefox called HSTS will redirect all requests to https whether you set this protocol or not. 'Not' in my case and if you do set Laragon AFTERWARDS to use https its generally too late and you'll get a lengthy Chrome error page explaining why your stuffed! for eternity and beyond. IN SHORT ... IF YOUR PLANNING TO USE .DEV ENABLE HTTPS FIRST!

    Seen several other users in the forum who've fallen into this pit so PLEASE READ THIS FIRST AND SAVE YOURSELF SOME HEADACHES.

    All the best [ and doncha jus luv Laragon ... boooom! ]

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    @trepatk : I did created a post on it:

    However, I'm to make your post sticky because I like your attitude. Thank you for your contribution :)

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    ahh didnt see your thread - only joined Laragon this week - still its all good and i think we're all on the same wave-length here ... keep up the good work with this superb project


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    this happened to me once with a local project i tried to use the dev tld and boom wrong move, though lesson learned.

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