How to remove hosts domain value too when deleting project directory?

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    Re: How to delete a Laravel project?

    Let's say, i have created Wordpress project and now i would like to delete that project. If i delete it from www folder. It goes away. But if we check hosts file the domain test name wordpress.test stays forever.

    Any solution for this other than deleting manually?

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    @anburocky3 : hosts file is a system file. Laragon only touches it to make your life easiler.
    In some case, number of folders in www and hosts file are not the same. You may have two projects point to the same folders,....
    For examples: my-project.test and point to www/my-project.

    So my suggestions are:

    • If you have many obsolete entries in hosts file, just remove "all entries which have #laragon magic!", Laragon will re-create correspond entries
    • If you just have one entry - Just delete it or ignore it.

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    That's what doing now. But since laragon is elite for its automatic operations. we can think about solution later..

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