Unable to start SSH Agent on startup

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    I use Bitbucket and I don't want to enter a passphrase or password every time that I have to push to remote repository. Therefore I want to automatically authenticate using SSH at the time of starting Cmder by adding @call "%GIT_INSTALL_ROOT%\cmd\start-ssh-agent.cmd" to C:\laragon\usr\user.cmd

    But this doesn't work with Cmder that comes with Laragon because this directory C:\laragon\bin\git\cmd\ containing start-ssh-agent.cmd is not added to windows system path. Ideally C:\laragon\bin\laragon\laragon.cmd should add C:\laragon\bin\git\cmd\ to path. This can be taken care of in the next release.

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    Along with adding @call "%GIT_INSTALL_ROOT%\cmd\start-ssh-agent.cmd" to C:\laragon\usr\user.cmd, also add C:\laragon\bin\git\cmd\ to path (How? http://www.howtogeek.com/118594/how-to-edit-your-system-path-for-easy-command-line-access/).

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    Nice. I'll look at it and add C:\laragon\bin\git\cmd to PATH in next release. Thanks @tuhinpaul :)

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