Install ImageMagick PHP extension

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    Re: [Tutorial] How to install ImageMagick
    Using PHP 7.4, It took me 2 minutes too install it.
    1- Be sure that Laragon is in your PATH (peace of cake with Laragon).
    2- Head over Install the ImageMagick PHP extension in Windows
    3- Follow the insctructions and use the filter according to your environement.
    Hope this helps & LONG LIVE LARAGON !
    LebCit 😊

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    Nice. Thank you.

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    Finally! I have tried several times to install ImageMagick without success but your instructions did the trick! I think your combination of the php extensions and the correct ImageMagick archive are the key. Thank you!

    2 small corrections.

    1. The heading of the filter table for the extension column is misspelled and
    2. Step 2. should read ...CORE_RL "and" IM_MOD_RL not "or"

    Finally, another way to check if ImageMagick is installed correctly is to run phpinfo.php. You should see an ImageMagick section with the following:
    "ImageMagick number of supported formats:" should be about 238 if it's zero then something is wrong.
    "ImageMagick supported formats" should list all the extensions of the formats supported.

    to create a phpinfo.php file open notepad++ and copy the following code:

    // Show all information, defaults to INFO_ALL

    Name the file phpinfo.php and save it to your root directory. in my case it's /laragon/www. In your browser type https://localhost/phpinfo.php and you should see a section called ImageMagick!

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