Migrate live site wp-config.php - how to ammend DB name etc using wp.com

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    Hi, Im having issues with transfering wp-config.php from my live site. I made the transfer to my new staging site but get "Error establishing a data base connection" I have looked in my wp-config.php and this is what is visible:

    • Database connection information is automatically provided.
    • There is no need to set or change the following database configuration
    • values:
      I am using Wordpress.com as hosting and have the wordpress.com business package. Prior to moving over the wp-config.php my staging site appeared to be working having transferred all wp-content from live site, all plug ins visible etc. help or pointing in right direction would be most appreciated Im a novice at the min. Thank you

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    If you use Wordpress, the easier way is to install this plugin:
    Watch this tutorial:

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    Thank you for the response,this I believe helped although I now have a new issue.
    I have exported from live site to local using the file made by (all in one wp migrate) I have created a blank Wordpress site via the Laragon program and installed plug in here as well and imported the file. All seems to of worked but it then asks for log in and I am unable? I have changed live site security details and carried out export/import again with no joy, I have used local PW & User no joy. if I click lost PW I end up on live site splash page and am unable to make any selections. am I missing a part of the process, is it possible to copy live site to local for staging?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    Many thanks

    Again thanks for the video it was very helpful

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    Sorry, just to clarify. It appears that all of my web site has transferred all plug-ins can be seen in root folder wp-content, I have removed splash page plug in and can view my site fully on local, my issue is I have no access to the back end, WordPress for edit. I have tried all passwords user = root with simple password as well as my live site email and password. i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong? As you can see i'm not even sure if I should be inputting the Laragon PW or my live site PW? my local root file wp-config show user as root pw as blank? forgive my lack of knowledge I'm trying to understand.

    Thanks in advance

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    Maybe you can try looking into your database using phpmyadmin or navicat. I assume, that if you exported your live site and imported it to localhost, the localhost need your live site password.

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    Thank you for the response, I keep hearing about phpmy admin so will look into what it is and what it does as im not familiar at this point in time.

    Regarding my staging site ive managed to gain access. the worst thing is I don't know how? i was trying to ammend the password as well as trying to send a password request to my email and somewhere along the line it just worked. I wish I could have written the answer to problem here to close this question.

    Thanks for your help, the video you posted really was the key. I will make sure I like the video!

    Best regards

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