Page not found on laragon routes

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    Greetings, I was using wamp server for every project almost , so I've heard of laragon and I downloaded it , I did config it but whenever I try some route it says Not Found , only project.test works I did install the composer apache tho , thanks :)

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    @BahaTha : Can you provide more information, such as images?

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    Basically , I have wamp and laragon installed on pc , Idk if they share routes or what , but when I close wamp and start laragon , first page works just fine which is myproject.test but when I click anything that redirects to another route it shows page not found , I googled it , I saw I had to download composer apache , but even with that still same problem

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    What is the port for Apache server on WAMPP and Laragon? Are they same or different?

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