MySQL size for portability

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    Hi there,
    I recently downloaded your portable version of laragon 4.0.14, zipped with a mySQL 5.1.72-win32 in the bin/ folder. This folder entire mysql version size is 35MB.

    Then I wanted to download newer versions of mySQL : the actuals mains are 5.7.28 and 8.0.18. And here's the point :

    • 5.7.28 : 1,77GB
    • 8.0.18 : 1,14GB

    So I post to ask : how do you reduced the size to this ? Is it just mySQL size that exploded with time, or did you used any trick ? This is quite important as the "portability" is ok and realist with a ~50MB laragon folder, but when you're at 2GB it becomes a pain.

    Thank you in advance and thank you for your awesome tool ! The more I use it the more I like it.

    Tip : on your docs/directory structure part, it misses a part on the etc/ folder. I don't know what it does, what happen if I delete, ... :)

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    @Nayte91 : I deleted all debug files. Also, MySQL 5.1 has smaller size than other later versions.

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