Customize Laragon's cmd path

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    Hello team,

    I use your awesome Laragon to dev PHP with the symfony's framework (Laragon full 4.0.14).
    Since v5 Symfony uses a Sensiolabs' "Symfony CLI" to assist the dev on CLI. So I want to make it available in my Laragon's cmd. Let's see what I've done wrong :

    • Put the Symfony CLI folder in laragon/bin folder (so you can find laragon/bin/Symfony/Symfony.exe)
    • Edited the laragon/bin/laragon/laragon.cmd file to add this Symfony folder, but it get erased when I open the terminal.
    • I feel like I need to edit the Laragon's paths (rightclick on tray icon --> "Tools" --> "Path" --> "manage path") list but I don't find how.

    Do you know how to edit this "file", or what is the right practice with laragon to add a custom app in the path list ? Of course I try not to edit the windows' user's path.

    Thank you very much !

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    Hello team,

    Any feedback ? Maybe I miss a point with laragon, maybe I can edit this "Manage path" menu in some way, if it's the case please redirect me to the good documentation page.

    I still would like to add my own apps in the bin/ folder, like symfony CLI, or mySQL workbench, or SQLiteStudio (maybe even PHPStorm). But copy/pasting the rep in bin/ is not enough, I have to ensure the path in the laragon's terminal finds the apps. How can I do ?

    Thank you very much in advance,
    best regards,

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    Hello Everyone,

    After a long time Fighting with my problem, I think I have a decent solution :

    • edit the usr/user.cmd file,
    • add a line like "set PATH=C:\Laragon\bin\symfony;%PATH%"
    • Restart everything.

    It's not really like adding in the regular laragon's path, but it works for everyday use.
    You can use this trick to add some apps in the /bin folder that are not "officially" supported by laragon, like :

    • symfony CLI,
    • SQLite studio,
    • xdebug's "dbgpClient",
    • And so on.

    Works better with command line apps of course, because your laragon's terminal will let you access it, but you won't have any link or mention in the right-click's GUI.

    Hope this can help someone !

    Cheers Leo & team,

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