Customize Laragon's cmd path

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    Hello team,

    I use your awesome Laragon to dev PHP with the symfony's framework (Laragon full 4.0.14).
    Since v5 Symfony uses a Sensiolabs' "Symfony CLI" to assist the dev on CLI. So I want to make it available in my Laragon's cmd. Let's see what I've done wrong :

    • Put the Symfony CLI folder in laragon/bin folder (so you can find laragon/bin/Symfony/Symfony.exe)
    • Edited the laragon/bin/laragon/laragon.cmd file to add this Symfony folder, but it get erased when I open the terminal.
    • I feel like I need to edit the Laragon's paths (rightclick on tray icon --> "Tools" --> "Path" --> "manage path") list but I don't find how.

    Do you know how to edit this "file", or what is the right practice with laragon to add a custom app in the path list ? Of course I try not to edit the windows' user's path.

    Thank you very much !

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