Ngrok not sending to https

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    Forwarding -> http://xxxx.test:80
    Forwarding -> http://xxxx.test:80

    How can I change that https is sending to https on port 443 ?

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    Same question/problem :/

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    Another vouch

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    Face the same problem.

    NOT the solutions, but some findings about this:-

    In this scenario, i'm running Windows with local hostname carsaloon.test.

    **Final thought, the "Share" option in the Laragon application is fixed unless the Laragon developer change the command inside .exe file.

    Hope this helped, and thanks to leokhoa.

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    Yep, the same here. Please do something about that, because it is so annoying!

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    Faced the same issue, had to go the @popkilli way.

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    face the same problem

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    After some period of time, now ngrok version 3 did support HTTPS forwarding, by not using click and select on "Share" provided in Laragon. Just use command to execute the tunneling: -

    1. Download latest ngrok (version 3)

    2. Upgrade or generate the ngrok config file (C:\Users<username>.ngrok2\ngrok.yml) by running "ngrok config upgrade" (for upgrade), else leave the file empty (for generate)

    3. Inslde ngrok.yml: -

    authtoken: <YOUR_TOKEN>
    addr: mytest0.test:80
    proto: http
    host_header: rewrite
    addr: mytest1.test:80
    proto: http
    host_header: rewrite
    addr: mytest2.test:80
    proto: http
    host_header: rewrite
    version: "2"
    region: us

    • replace addr with your own virtual host name and port
    • you can recreate multiple tunnels, in this example the tunnel name is laragon, test1 & test2
    1. After save the config, simply run "ngrok start <TUNNEL_NAME>" to start, e.g. ngrok start laragon

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    @sjkhew Hi!
    I've tried to start a tunnel as you proposed, unfortunately it shows me errors:

    ERROR: Error reading configuration file 'C:\Users\artte.ngrok2\ngrok.yml': YAML parsing error: yaml: unmarshal errors:
    ERROR: line 2: field TestLaragon not found in type config.v2yamlConfig
    ERROR: line 3: field addr not found in type config.v2yamlConfig
    ERROR: line 4: field proto not found in type config.v2yamlConfig
    ERROR: line 5: field host_header not found in type config.v2yamlConfig

    What am I doing wrong? Thank you

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    kindly use v3 ngrok

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