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    hi everybody, I just switched from using Xampp to using Laragon. My port 80 is in use so I changed it to 8086. I also created a WP website by Laragon with CuocSongXanh.test. But now, My localhost:8086 don't connect and CuocSongXanh.test:8086 also. And my Laragon is on drive E. Can you help me?
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    You are already set up with https obviously from the first image you supplied. Simply typing in localhost:8086 is not going to work unless you have redirects from http to https. Try the prefix: https. ie, https://localhost:8086 or https://cuocsongxanh.test:8086. I am assuming you have already configured your firewall to allow connections (my firewall (Windows Defender) simply tells me new rules needed for the server config during the install process) and to see if any other app is using the same port. If this does not work, then I suggest a carafe of long & prosper...

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