Laragon images won't show!

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    For a certain amount of time i'm not able to see images when i'm working on my laravel project.
    I'm using images from the paperclip package but when I need to load them on my web page I get the error
    "Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED"

    I have tried a lot of things like changing from apache to nginx.
    Disabled my antivirus.

    It's only happening with images so I cannot seem to understand why.

    If somebody can help me out I would appriciate it!

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    Were the paperclip package downloaded from internet or a archive/zip type package?
    If on Windows, after downloading, you may need to right-click on package, go to properties, and click the unblock tick box.
    Then, install or unpack as needed.

    You might also need to do a Windows Firewall reset to defaults, then when you start apache/mysql you should get a prompt
    om mysql start, myphpadmin, and apache start to allow access.
    DON'T select public networks when Windows firewall comes up or you will be blocked and cannot connect.
    When the firewall prompt comes up just say yes/ok to the current settings it detects.

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