ngrok host-header

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    I need to custom the ngrok basic command when I use your share button by adding :

    Is it possible to add it on a config file or a newer version of Laragon ? @leokhoa

    I've made a Procfile but it's not very practical :
    Auto Open Ngrok: ngrok http -host-header=rewrite -subdomain=ada ada.test:81 autorun

    Thanks !

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    Hi @loloducret
    Can you please explain the benefits of it?

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    Because when you use the plugin Oxygen Builder the link is hard-coded and the plugin "odt relative url" not transform it.

    BUT I found a solution by installing the plugin "relative url" on wordpress then re-edit templates with Oxygen and just save it again to transform the links.

    My idea is maybe beneficial for others with hard-coded absolute link ?

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    Thanks @loloducret . I am glad that you found a solution. I am just afraid of adding it may cause unexpected issues for others.

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