SSL for External Connection possible?

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    i got ssl working fine on localhost (, but if i share my site with some ddns url to the public internet, the connecting browsers from "outside" gets blocked from access (ssl protocol error).

    is there a way to get this working?


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    @tuqqo : Did you try Ngrok in Menu > www > share?

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    @leokhoa said in SSL for External Connection possible?:

    @tuqqo : Did you try Ngrok in Menu > www > share?

    it says "ngrok.exe not found" and there is no exe in "/bin/ngrok/" ?!
    im using the portable version.

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    @tuqqo : You can download ngrok and put it to bin/ngrok/ngrok.exe
    Or download the Full version and install over the current one.

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    There is a little trick you can do:

    1. You must have a domain

    2. A wildcard certificate for the origin server (Cloudflare has this feature)

    Then you must configure Nginx to use that certificate

    You must reconfigure the TLD in Laragon to match according to your domain

    Then in your DNS provider point the subdomain (or domain) to the Public IP of your PC

    You may need to make additional settings on your router to allow external access

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