Current Version of Laragon Needs to be Displayed on Website

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    A good website is always informative to keep viewers up to date about any progress.

    In saying that, it has been a good portion of a year since I downloaded the last Laragon install (2019). I returned to the Laragon website download page to see if the 2019 version has since been updated, but alas, there is absolutely no information on the download page (where it needs to be) as to the current version of Laragon.

    I downloaded the program and looked at its properties to see that Laragon remains at version 4.0.16, at least that is what the properties of the installer shows.

    Returning to the website, I searched for the current version and there is no information anywhere on that website, at least no where easily seen and accessed. I went to Github to see what the version is there and for heavens sake, the "latest" version shown there is 4.0.15!

    So now this becomes a concern, what is the latest version? - is it 4.0.15, or 4.0.16, or is there something newer and is it that the Github is not up to date and is this misinformation also in the program version itself?

    Apparently everything shows to be disorganized and inconsistent which is not good.


    1. What is the latest current version?
    2. Is there a newer version that needs to be properly linked in the download page or it is not here yet?
    3. Is the developer of Laragon going to ensure his download page and Github page show the current version number and both download pages made consistent with each other?


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