Keep getting 502 errors

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    I've used Laragon for about 2 years now with no issues and I've loved it, but since Monday I've been getting continuous 502 errors when I click through my local websites.

    502 Bad Gateway

    I haven't changed any settings or performed any updates. I've tried disabling my Firewall and Malware checkers but nothing seems to work. The sites tend to work for a bit but then after 2-3 clicks I just receive the 502 error.

    Do you have any idea how I can fix this?


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    @patrick_wc : Did you check PHP error log?

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    I can't see anything releated in the PHP error log or the nginx error log. I can attach them here if needed

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    Apparently the issue is due to a port conflict with Intel(R) Graphics Command Center Service.

    This solved the issue for me:

    "How to fix:

    In windows, go to:

    Start menu
    Type: Services:
    Find the service called: "Intel(R) Graphics Command Center Service"
    Right click > Properties > Startup type = Disabled
    This fixed the problem for me.. :-)"

    It looks like windows update will re-enable the feature"

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    Thank you Patrick that solved my issue too.
    Just curious, how did you figure out the solution?

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    Hi @awais300 , Im glad the fix I copied and pasted from @martinandersen3d solved your issue :)

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