Create 1-click Docker environments

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    Hey, @leokhoa. First, thanks for the great app that you and your team have created.

    Now, about my request/suggestion.

    I replicate many client's sites locally so my Laragon is a mess of PHP versions and configurations. Using dockerized environments would be a heavenly solution. And now that WSL2 is released the docker performance have improved a lot.

    Even Docker now endorses WSL2 and offer a Docker Desktop, but I miss the "Laragon 1 click config" feature.

    It would be great if any one of the team eviction a way to create dockerized 1-click apps.

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    @otakupahp yes, i am facing a similar issue. Would be interested in a docker based alternative


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    @otakupahp I guess that will not be simple because people build their tastes with Docker, giving choices for their taste could be real hard.

    "Learn the hardest to get the best"

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    @otakupahp , @kjshah , @shmshd : It is very simple for me to build an environment depends on Docker because I am a Docker guru and Docker/Docker Compose do all the stuffs. However, as a Docker guru I can tell you that Docker is just simple at the first setup. In the long run, you will face with many new terms and commands and tools and a lot of Googling plus headaches (because tools have bugs and they change APIs over time).

    If you want to learn it for knowledge, you can DIY. When you master Docker, you will find that it is just a simple tool and to make containers work perfectly on production, you need to grasp Kubernetes and its' ecosystem. I am just afraid that instead of creating something new and making money, you are keep learning new tools, new hypes,... It is good because we all need to improve ourselves daily but also remember our time is limited.

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