Error received: There is an exception: Not found

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    I am trying to start laragon but get an error and the application shuts down.

    In laragon.log, I see the following:

    2020-07-17 14:26:48: There is an exception: Not found

    Wondering if there is any insight to this error? Seems to be an issue with nginx, but not sure what exactly.

    It was working fine before this, but there seemed to be a Windows update possibly that ran at night, and not sure if that affected this.


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    @kjshah : I believe the update of Windows caused the issue. Next update may fix that.

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    @leokhoa so, is that mean there is no solution just we have to wait?????

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    I ran the latest windows update and it started working again.

    Not sure how and why, but it seems to be working again

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